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Let Love Come Through Lirik - Yuna

Yuna Let Love Come Through Lirik Lagu
[Verse 1: Kyle]
Ok, "<3 lol. What's the dealie?"
That's what I just texted to this girl I love, for-really
She's so into art, and taking walks when it's dark in parks
And dudes who are smart, and drawing hella hearts
It's a lot to think of, she's really a lot to think of
That's such a relief, cause I don't really get to think much
Have you ever been afraid to take a chicks call?
Have you ever tried talking to a brick wall?
Well either way, at least she's not the same, you know?
And I can actually conversate to someone with a brain

Yeah, you know like someone with a name
That I can memorize before I end up getting played
And wake up the next day, possibly engaged
Possibly to stop these thoughts from trying to get away
I'm in a world of dumb girls, and I'm just trying to escape
And she looks like a bike, and she looks like a car...
And you look like a plane
So let me buy the tickets, where ever you wanna kick it
Girl, we could leave today
Yeah, As long as we leave today
And you won't keep..???

Cause that's all we do
We let a little- let a little love come through (love come through)
And that's all we do (and that's all we do)
We let a little- let a little love come through (love come through)

[Verse 2: Yuna]
Sitting down at a cafe
And I'm trying to write a good song in my book
As I flip through the pages
I see a little note I wrote when I was 22
Don't hesitate, you're all you've got
Don't ever let them get to you
And this is what you're all about
You let your little- let your little dreams come true
Yes you do!
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