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Bad Things Lyrics - Got7

Got7 Bad Things English Translation Lyrics

English Translation

Don’t pretend like it’s not true
Don’t pretend you don’t know
I already know everything
Now, accept everything
When I look at you
It’s as if your face will burst
Don’t hide anything
You can’t help it.

Don’t act like it’s not clear
Looks like you’re gonna end up going crazy
Just try telling me
What’s scaring you so much?

Why do you only watch from a distance
You know it’s frustrating for me too
It’ll be be good if you just stopped hiding things
Cause I already know everything

Just stop now, don’t turn away Girl
Haven’t you been looking at me all this time
Without these awkward excuses
Just tell me, please

Just Go Just Go Go Go
Show me everything, tell me now
Go Go Let’s Go Hey

I can’t take it anymore
I’m riding on love
I know you’re shy but
Now’s the time to come to me

When you look at me
It’s also best that I don’t hide anything
So don’t hide anything
Aren’t our hearts the same

Stop now, stop noticing Girl
Don’t look at those other gazes
Come to my side and tell me
Tell me, please

Just Go Just Go Go Go
Just tell me now
Go Go Let’s Go Hey

Come on now, tell me, Baby Right Now
I already know of your heart that’s waiting
I know of your heart, that’s shy
Get wrapped in my arms now, Baby Hey

Romanized Lyrics

anin cheok hajima
moreuneun cheok hajima
imi modeun geol ara da
ije badadeuryeo modu da

neol barabogo isseul ttae
ni eolgureun teojil deushae
neon sumgyeoboryeogo hajiman
eojjeol suga eopsjanha

ti an naeryeo hajima
geuge deo michyeobeoril geot gata
naege malhaebwa
mwoga geuri geobina

wae meolliseoman jikyeobwa
neodo dapdaphajanha
sumneun geon geumanhaedo dwae
na da algo isseo

ije geuman doraseojima girl
nal barabogo isseojanha
eosaekhage byeonmyeonghajido malgo
malhae jebal

Just go Just go go go
da boyeo ije malhaejwo
go go ret’t go Hey

deo isang mot chamgesseo
nado aega tago isseo
niga bukkeureoun geon aljiman
jigeumi naege dagaol ttaeya

neol barabogo isseul ttae
nado sumgil suga eopsge dwae
neon sumgyeoboryeogo hajiman
uri durui mameun gatjanha

ije geuman nunchibojima girl
dareun siseoneun singyeong sseuji malgo
nae gyeoteuro dagawa malhaejwo
malhae jebal

Just go Just go go go
ije naege malhaejwo
go go ret’t go Hey

eoseo malhaejwo baby Right Now
gidarigo isseo ni mam da almyeonseo
sujubeohaneun ni maeumdo nan ara
ije nae pume angyeobaby Hey
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