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Good Tonight Lyrics - Got7

Got7 Good Tonight English Translation Lyrics

English Lyrics

Wherever I go, your
Gaze that follows me like a shadow
Are an unmistakable red light
I get drawn into you
Because I want to protect you, just for this reason
I couldn’t be by your side

So Girl, Let’s Go, Just for today babe
Don’t worry about anything, leave everything to me

We’re feeling good tonight
This night’s only for you
We got the night
We’ll keep it just like this, the way we are right now

Good tonight
If only I could keep just you feel good
All the night
This way, We’re feeling good

Everything is good, We’re Good tonight
It’ll be a Show tonight, for just us
Everythign is, Good tonight
I’m fine with just having you

Don’t mind anything
No one can find us
You don’t even need to hide
Everything will be find if you’re honest as possible today

Come to me very slowly
I can’t see the end of us, Baby

Don’t think about anything
My heart won’t change

Come a little closer to me
And don’t hesitate to show me everything about you

Romanized Lyrics

eodil gado naege
geurimjacheoreom butneun siseone
eogimeopsneun red light
renjeu sok damgil modeun moseube

neoreul jikindan geu iyumaneuro
gyeote issji moshaesseo

So girl, ret’t go, oneul mankeumeun babe
amu geokjeong ma naege modeungeol matgyeo

We’re feeling good tonight
neomaneul wihan bam
We got the night
idaero ireohge duri

good tonight
neoman gwaenchanhda hamyeon
All the night
idaero We’re feeling good

modeun ge We’re good tonight
igeon urimanui Show tonight
modeun ge nan good tonight
naegen neoman isseum doenikka

singyeong sseuji mara
geu nugudo urireul chajeul su eopseo
sumgijido mara
oneulmankeumeun deo soljikhaedo dwae

aju cheoncheonhi naege dagawajwo
kkeuti boiji anhge baby

amu saenggakdo hajima
byeonhaji anha nae maeumeun

jom deo gakkai dagawa
mangseoriji marajwo ne modeungeol boyeojwo
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