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Sad Ending Lyrics - VIXX

VIXX Sad Ending Korean English Translation Lyrics
English Translation:

Don’t stop, don’t ever look back
Just like that, go go go
The red eyes in the darkness is targeting you
Always ready to swallow you
The moment you get distracted, it’s over, I don’t even know myself
I try holding it in as hard as I can but my body won’t listen anymore

It’s just a weak existence
In front of our destiny that can’t be opposed

Don’t stop, don’t ever look back
Just like that, go go go to a place that can’t be found
Even if your breath runs out, you can’t stop baby
Don’t stop, run away, I’ll protect you

I shouldn’t have dared to dream of you in the first place
In the end, we’re in a sad ending of a cruel fairy tale
In my head, I try to protect you but I keep chasing after you for days
I’m afraid of myself reflected in your fear-filled eyes

I need to hurry and let you go
When all I did was just love you

Wow, the trauma of separation, wandering in a deadly situation
Flowing tears, throw away the lingering attachments
Run away a bit farther, don’t stop
Go into a future without me

That moon will shine on you, hurry and go
Leave before this night is over

Don’t stop, it’s dangerous, don’t look back at me
Farther, go go go to a place without tears
Even if your sad footsteps are heavy, you can’t give up baby
Don’t worry, run away, I’ll protect you

I’ll protect you

Romanized Lyrics

Don’t stop jeoldaero dwidoraboji ma
Geudaero go go go

Geu eodum sok bulgeun nundongja neol norigo isseo
Eonjerado samkyeobeoril junbiga dwae isseo
Bangsimhan geu sungan kkeuchiya nado ijen nareul molla
Jugeul mankeum chamabwado deo isang momi mareul an deureo

Nayakhan jonjaeil ppuniya
Geoyeokhal su eomneun uri unmyeong ape

Don’t stop jeoldaero dwidoraboji ma
Geudaero go go go chajeul su eomneun goseuro
Sumi teok kkeutkkaji chaollado meomchwoseo seon andwae baby
Don’t stop darana neon naega jikigesseo

Cheoeumbuteo gamhi naega neol kkumkkwoseon an dwaesseo
Gyeolguk urin janhokdonghwa sogui saedeuending
Meoriron neol jikiryeo haedo nareul sewo neol jjotneun na
Geobe jillin ne du nune bichin nae moseubi duryeowojyeo

Eoseo neol bonaeyaman hae
Nan geujeo neoreul saranghaesseul ppuninde

Wow ibyeorui teurauma sagyeongeul hemaeneun na
Heureuneun nunmuldeura miryeoneul beoryeora
Jogeum deo ppalli meolli darana don’t stop
Naega eomneun miraero ga

Jeo dari neol bichwojul geoya eoseo ga
I bami jeomulgi jeone tteona

Don’t stop wiheomhae nal doraboji ma
Deo meolli go go go nunmuri eomneun goseuro
Seulpeun balgeoreumi mugeowodo pogihaeseon andwae baby
Don’t stop darana neon naega jikigesseo

Naega jikigesseo
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