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Youth Hurts Lyrics - VIXX

VIXX Youth Hurts English Translation Lyrics
English Translation:

Everyone looks at us and says
That we’re at our best age
That there’s so much to experience in the world
But why didn’t they tell us the most important thing
That a break up is always waiting behind love

These days, I’m stuck on my bed and I can’t move
I don’t even open my eyes in case I see you
I put my memories in my tears, letting them flow out along with you
Are you the same way?
When you rubbed your small and pretty nose against my face
I felt that it was love
(Where are you, what are you doing) I miss you from those times

You made me sing a love song for the first time
Then you left me
You made me listen to a break up song for the first time
You spin around me like lyrics of a sad song

The moment I started to grow up
The sight of your turned back
Told me that there are things I can’t do on my own

The day you left me without any warning
The end of my youth had come
I had no fear when it came to love
But now you made me into a coward

You and I
I think about the reason we broke up again
Through all the many questions
That have no answer at all
I’m becoming an adult

You and I, can’t we become one again?

The day we stayed up all night with butterflies in our stomachs
Did you forget?
The day we first kissed as we looked at each other
You’re still in me like a black and white photo

I thought love would be endless happiness
I thought you would always be by my side

Don’t speak too easily
Don’t envy us
Our youth hurts so much

Romanized Lyrics

Uril bogo dadeul haneun mari
Hanchang joheul nairae
Sesangeun gyeongheomhaebolge neomudo mantae

Geunde wae jeil jungyohan yaegineun an haejun geoya
Sarang dwien ibyeori kkok gidarindaneun geu mal

Yojeum nan chimdae wie buteoseo umjigijil anha
Wenmanhamyeon nundo an tteo nega boilkka bwa
Nunmul soge chueogeul dama neowa hamkke heullyeobonaego isseo
Neodo nawa gatni yeah
Jakgo yeppeun koreul nae eolgure bubil ttae
Ige sarangin geot gatdaneun neukkimeul neukkyeonne
(Neon eodiseo mwo hae) geuttaeui naneun nega geuriwo

Naege cheoeum sarang norae bureuge han neon
Nal tteonatgo
Cheoeumeuro ibyeol norae deutge mandeun neo, neon
Seulpeun gasacheoreom nareul maemdora

Eoneudeot cheori deureo beorin sungan
Nae mamdaero an doeneun ge
Itdago allyeojun ne dwitmoseup

Amu yego eobsi tteonan geunal
Naui cheongchune on jongmal
Sarange geop eopdeon
Nal geopjaengiro mandeun neo

Naege cheoeum sarang norae bureuge han neon
Nal tteonatgo
Cheoeumeuro ibyeol norae deutge mandeun neo, neon
Seulpeun gasacheoreom nareul maemdora

Neowa na
Heeojin iyureul tto saenggakhae bwa
Domuji dabi eomneun
Manheun jilmune eoreuni dwaega

Neowa dasi hana doel sun eobseulkka

Uri cheoeum seollemyeo bamsaewotdeon nal
Neon ijeonni
Uri cheoeum maju bomyeo ip matchudeon nal
Neon heukbaeksajincheoreom nae ane isseo

Sarangeun kkeuteobsi haengbokhal julman arasseo
Neoneun eonjena nae yeope isseul geotman gatasseo

Neomu swipge malhaji ma
Uril bureowohaji ma
Uriui cheongchuneun neomu apa
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