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10 Bullets Lyric - Young Buck

Young Buck 10 Bullets
Not this time, you niggas never see me, bro
I got 10 different plugs tryna send me dope
Not this time, I'll never let 'em murder me
And I'll never let another bitch turn on me
Not this time, it's all about the money this time
It's all about the money
I got 'em this time, remember how you done me last time?
Remember how you done me? But not this time

[Verse 1]
It's okay for you to say that you don't fuck with me
It's okay, cause it ain't hard to see that I don't fuck with you
I don't play and niggas know that if you fuck with me
It's guaranteed that them shooters gon' be comin' through
I move the mid, touch the ye, you know what's up with me
I do it big, that's the only way I know to do
Pac gone, now you mothafuckas stuck with me
I run with niggas only wear it if the fit is blue
Right before I go to sleep I load up the clip
Pray to God that I wake up cause I got dope to flip
Tinted windows on my cars, you know I roll up a zip
Niggas scared to go and get it but I take them road trips
Yellow bone on them broads and she got her own whip
Have a nigga seein' stars when I feel them soft lips
I used to give niggas passes, now I whoop niggas' asses
Cash [?]


[Verse 2]
It's cool for you to say that you don't speak to me
Cause truthfully, I don't wanna speak to you
I got 10 different plugs talkin' 'bout meetin' me
I never understood this shit that broke people do
Shawty tell your baby daddy he ain't seein' me
I got work, I got enough that I can feed him too
All these bad bitches, nigga she ain't leavin' me
These hoes know the difference between me and you
Cut the grass so I can see all of the snakes
Got 'em out the way and made 'em send me all the weight
Anybody ever doubted me know that was a mistake
They tell me that they love me but now I know it's fake
I never let 'em lie to me again to my face
I never call these rap niggas friends cause they ain't
I used to let these niggas get a pass, now I can't
"This nigga lost his mind" is what you think

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